Keep it off the house!

The most overlooked rot problem on your house

Did you know you can protect your house from pest infestation and dry rot?  Your house is built up on a concrete foundation for a very important reason.  Wood siding and trim must have adequate clearance from dirt, bark and other landscape materials that surround the house exterior.  When yard materials come in contact with the wood materials of your house the result can be devastating.  Dirt and debris in contact with your siding and trim make very appealing “highways” for many kinds of undesirable creepy crawly creatures.  Moist wood is like a banquet spread before wood destroying insects.  

We have repaired insect and dry rot damaged walls that could have been easily avoided with some simple yard maintenance.  


Follow these simple steps and protect your home:

1. Walk around the outside of your house and look for areas where dirt, bark or other landscape materials are up against wood materials.  Most commonly…your planter bark.

2. If you discover problem areas simply take a shovel or rake and pull back the undesirable materials away from your house and at least 6 inches below all your siding and trim.

3. Inspect the wood materials for any possible wood rot damage.

4. If you are concerned that you may have wood rot damage, please call us as soon as possible to make the repairs necessary to prevent further damage.


Hopefully you have not waited too long.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…