Obnoxious Swinging Door

A customer of ours called recently asking for some help.  There was a door in her home that would not stay put in a partially opened positioned.  Like this….

Our customer was told by her “handyman” neighbor that that the door was hung incorrectly and he could remove the door and reinstall it for $250.  And while it is true that the door had not been hung correctly, there is an alternative solution to the problem…it takes about ten minutes.

First, remove one of the hinge pins.  If the door had three hinge pins, remove the middle pin.

Now strike the hinge pin with a hammer to slightly bend the pin.  The hinge pin should be slightly bent. 

Finally, replace the hinge pin.  Since it does have a slight bend it will be necessary to tap the pin lightly with a hammer to secure it back in place.

Problem solved.  No mess, no fuss.