Not So New

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Balas Homes, a name that may not be familiar in the pacific northwest.  But what if I were to tell you that they have over 80 years of experience in residential building.  Catch your attention?  The Balas family had been building high end custom homes in the Sacramento, CA area for decades.  Jerry Balas and his father spent many of those years as a joint venture.  One hand in real estate and the other in building.  As the years went on and the economy suffered what was thought of as a loss actually became what Balas Homes is known for today, simple quality.  The same quality that was found in custom homes was continued but made in a more affordable manner.  You see, Balas Homes had a reputation.  And when word got out that they were building homes at a level more people could afford there was never a question of quality or reliability.  Nearly 15 years later the name resurfaces and finds itself in the pacific northwest.  I'm fourth generation home builder carrying on the same experience, knowledge and integrity that founded Balas Homes over 80 years ago.  Consider us as your home remodeler of choice.

-Jonathan Balas