Steve Balas

With over 35 years of field experience in the construction industry as a third generation builder, providing knowledge and a make sense approach to the operations of Balas Homes.  Encouraging  problem solving and thinking out of the box keeps Balas Homes boldly forging forward as a builder and service provider.  With experience ranging from land development to building construction and project management to customer service, Steve attributes his success to the work ethic and integrity taught him by both his father and grandfather. Help us to continue the tradition and be your builder of  choice on your next home remodeling project.

-Steve Balas      

Jonathan Balas Spokane Remodel

Jonathan Balas

Taught at a young age, working and building with my hands has always been at the forefront of my life.  I can remember as a child “checking jobs” with my grandfather and pointing out items at various stages of the building process that needed addressing.  Of course I had no idea what problems existed (if any), but what I learned from those experiences was not only the rights and wrongs but where the knowledge and experience came from that shaped my confidence as a fourth generation builder.  Your contractor of choice.

-Jonathan Balas